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Cressi Leonardo Wrist
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Open Water Diver

How do I get certified?

There are three phases of the PADI (The Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Open Water SCUBA Diver Course:

  1. Knowledge Development (classroom)
  2. Swimming Pool Practice
  3. Open Water Training Dives

How Do I Sign Up?

We like to take the time to talk to you about our class options to see what best fits your needs and abilities, so call us at (614) 298-977  during store hours Mon-fr noon-7pm Sat 11am-5pm and talk to a PADI professional.  We have free shipping on course materials!

*Full Certification Package: $379.00 includes Classroom, Pool and Training Dives

Knowledge Development and Pool Practice Only

The Knowledge Development and Swimming Pool Practice sessions are on special for only $259* (regular price $299, special good through September 24, 2016!) and include the text book, Recreational Dive Planner table version, Logbook, and the use of ALL required equipment including mask, fins and snorkel.
Course participants receive a 20% discount when purchasing snorkeling equipment.
Underwater Connection Pool

We have our own pool on the premises heated to 90 degrees!

Knowledge Development and Pool Sessions are scheduled three ways:

  • 4-Session Course: This course meets 4 times, each session consisting of a 1.5 hour lecture and 1.5 hours in the pool. This is a slower paced program with comprehensive lectures.   click here for current schedule
  • 3-Session Course: This Course meets 3 times, each session consisting of a 1 hour lecture and 2 hours in the pool. This is also a slower pace program, however you will need to come in an additional time to take the written final exam (may be scheduled at your convenience during store hours!)    click here for current schedule
  • 2-Session Course: This course meets 2 times, each session consisting of a 1/2 hour review and 3 hours in the pool. This course requires a little self-study, but the instructor will go over the important classroom material and help with any questions you may have. click here for current schedule

Class and Pool ONLY $259.00 per person!!  Good through September 24, 2016.

  Sign up a second person for $249. Each additional sign up is another $10 off, 3rd person $239, 4th person $229, etc up to 4 participants! Four or more and  you pick the days and times for your own private class!

Private Lessons: Includes everything above, scheduled privately at your convenience: Only $399.00 (second person is September sale price, $259).

 Open Water Dives Only

The final phase required for certification is the open water training dives. Open water means anything outside of a pool, i.e. lakes, quarries, ocean. Dives are held at Circleville Twin Quarries. We have many classes left so you can still complete the open water dives this season! The cost for the training dives is $120 including all 4 required dives, certification fee, and use of all equipment. You may also complete your open water training dives with a referral at any PADI facility in the world! Referrals are issued after completing your knowledge development and swimming pool practice phases of the program. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions at (614) 298-9777. Open Water Dives are regularly scheduled May - Oct.  Private dives can be conducted throughout the year.  Purchase regulator and BCD and your Training Dives are Free!!