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Ben and Julie Anderson


 Ben Anderson, CEO - Ben began diving in 2011 while stationed at Fort lewis, Washington. While exploring local cold water dive sites he quickly began to progress his way through the Padi system and became a Rescue diver. After completing his 5 year enlistment in the Army he returned home to Columbus, Ohio and found the Underwater Connection where he continued his education and became an instructor. Some of Ben’s dive destinations include The Puget Sound, Devils Den, Blue Grotto, Molokini Crater, and local quarries. Ben’s favorite dive site is where he takes his next stride.Ben Anderson

Julie Anderson,  -  Julie was first introduced to SCUBA when her father let her try on his dive gear in their swimming pool. On a family vacation to the caribbean, she experienced her first real diving adventure and has been hooked ever since. She became certified in 2011 with her husband Ben while stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington. Since returning to Ohio, she has found Underwater Connection to be her home for the love of the sport and to help her progress to higher certifications in the PADI system. Some of Julie’s dive destinations include the Puget Sound, St. Thomas and local quarries, but her favorite was diving with the turtles in Maui.Julie Anderson



Bill Margiotta, Founder - Bill earned his scuba certification in 1978 diving off the coasts of New Hampshire and Maine. He completed his advanced training on Long Island, New York and became a divemaster while in college at the University of Miami, Florida. He worked in the Florida Keys as a divemaster and in West Palm Beach and the Bahamas as a first mate and divemaster aboard the Gulfstream Diver charter service. He graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology with a degree in Sport Diving Operations in 1986. One of his favorite places to dive is the Saint Clair River near Port Huron, Michigan.

 BillBill Margiotta


Jane MargiottaJane Margiotta - Jane has been diving since she was 17 years old. Her love of the water led her to obtain a degree in Marine Biology from the Ohio State University. She has helped to complete research projects on Lake Erie and also worked for Sea World of Ohio. Jane has been a PADI professional since 1993 and has been diving in Australia, Cozumel, Bahamas, and up and down the East Coast. Her favorite local dive is night diving at Portage Quarry. She is also a certified Water Safety Instructor and teaches swimming lessons for all ages as well as aqua aerobics.



Chad Lucht

Chad Lucht - Chad got his first experience scuba diving when he was 8 years old in a friend's swimming pool. He became a certified diver in 1998 and progressed his way through the PADI system with the Underwater Connection until he became an instructor in 2006. Chad's dive destinations include the Caribbean, the Great Lakes, and the numerous quarries in Ohio. When he isn't working, he spends his spare time diving.



Kevin Roberts



Kevin Roberts - Kevin was introduced to scuba diving during a Discover Driving tour offered by a cruise ship in Aruba in October 1996. He became certified in October 1997 so that he would be able to dive in each port during the next cruise that he was taking. Each year since becoming hooked on scuba, he has progressed to another certification level within the PADI system. Kevin's dive destinations have included most of the major ports in the Caribbean, St. Clair River and Ohio quarries.



Rick BlackRick Black - Rick was introduced to scuba diving in February 1999 while on a cruise in St. Thomas. Through the Underwater Connection he became a certified diver in May 1999 and has been diving ever since. In June 2006 he became an Open Water Scuba instructor. His dive destinations include the fresh water spring of Florida, the Florida Keys, Cancun, Cozumel, Mexico, Grand Cayman Island, Hawaii and the quarries of Ohio. Kevin works full time as a 2 unit Captain for the Tri-Township Fire Department in Delaware, Ohio; and he is also a Public Safety Diver for Delaware County Fire Dive Team. 





  Rick Blaine Rick Blaine earned his open water certification in 1998 and became an instructor in 2007. Since 1998 he has logged hundreds of dives in a wide variety of locations and conditions, from under the ice to zero visibility in rivers and ponds to the warm clear waters of the Caribbean. Some of Rick’s dive destinations have included the Great Lakes, the Carolina Coast, Cooper River, Florida and the Keys, Bahamas, Bonaire, Mexico. He is also a member of the Pickaway County Underwater Recovery team.

 Jim Marable – Jim has always been interested in SCUBA diving and became a certified diver in 2001.  Jim did his initial training here at the Underwater Connection and then, through PADI’s referral program, completed his open water dives in the Florida Keys.  Since then Jim has continued his diving training here at the Underwater Connection and received his instructor certification in 2008.  Some of Jim’s dive destinations have included the Carolina Coast, the Florida Keys, Grand Cayman, Mexico and quarries throughout Ohio.

 jim marable


Jeremy Rummer – Jeremy earned his initial certification in 2007 so he could take a group of high school students to Crystal River, FL for a science trip. He continued his scuba training through Underwater Connection and became an instructor in 2011. His favorite type of diving is night diving. Jeremy’s dive destinations include the local Ohio quarries, Cozumel, and Belize. 

 Jeremy Rummer


Anthony Huey – Anthony’s lifelong passion for the ocean and aquatic life led him to the Underwater Connection, where he ultimately became an instructor in 2011. As a member of the Underwater Connection team, he most enjoys introducing new divers to the serenity that can only be found below the water’s surface. Anthony’s dive destinations include Hawaii, Florida, Alaska, the Caribbean, and the many unique freshwater quarries found throughout the Midwest. His favorite dive is the manta ray night dive in Kona, Hawaii.

 Anthony HueyAnthony Huey


Brian Motsinger - Brian received his Open water certification in Killeen Texas in September 2005, and received his Advanced Certification the next weekend. The next year he received his Rescue Diver Certification in Ohio through Underwater Connection. He became a divemaster in August 2011.  In June 2012, he became an Open Water Scuba Instructor. His favorite dive locations include St Andrews Florida, Vortex and Morrison Springs Florida, La Jolla California, and Catalina Island California. Brian Motsinger


Lindsey Anstine- Lindsey initially got certified in 2004 and quickly advanced through the PADI courses. In 2006 she became an instructor while diving in the Florida Keys. After moving to Columbus for graduate school, Lindsey found Underwater Connection and became part of the team. Her favorite dive destinations are Costa Rica and the Florida Keys.

 Lindsey Miller