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Why Choose Us?

The Underwater Connection is committed to helping our customers in every aspect of their diving journey. We have been teaching scuba, selling, and servicing equipment to Central Ohio divers for over 25 years. We  have been awarded a PADI Five Star rating both as a PADI Dive Center and as a PADI Instructor Development Center. Whether you are new to the entire diving world, or are looking to create a career as a professional diver, The Underwater Connection is here to help achieve your goals.

Here are some specific reasons for you to consider us as your choice for scuba training:

1. Best Value
There are no hidden charges. The textbook, Recreational Dive Planner, logbook, air fills (our competitors do not always include all air fills on training dives!) and all rental equipment including mask, fins, snorkel are included in one low price! 
2. Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied after your first pool training session, you get a full refund!
 3. PADI LifetimeCertification
 PADI, The Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the world's largest and most widely recognized diver certification agency. More divers are trained by PADI than all the other agencies combined!
4. Rental Gear Provided
We provide all rental equipment for the class, pool and open water training phases, including the use of mask, fins, and snorkel.
5. Equipment Discounts
20% off the purchase of mask, fins, and snorkel for all class participants. The purchase of a regulator and buoyancy control device package gets you the training dives for free ($120 value)!!
6. On-site Pool
Our pool is exclusively used for scuba training and is heated to 90 degrees F.
7. Small Classes
We never have more than 6 participants in each course.
8. Class Cancellation
We hold our classes even if we only have one participant registered.
9. Flexible Schedule
We offer 4 session, 3 session and 2 session condensed courses starting every 2 weeks throughout the year. Training dives are scheduled every weekend and also on selected Thursday/Friday evenings from mid-April through October.
10. Private Courses
Our private classes, scheduled at your convenience, are priced lower than some other stores' standard classes!
11. Extra Pool Practice
We offer extra pool practice anytime during store hours at no extra charge! You may also bring a scuba certified friend to a practice session at no extra charge for a free refresher, all gear provided!
12. Experience
The Underwater Connection has trained and certified over 6000 divers in Central Ohio since 1988 and our instructional staff has over 70 years of teaching experience.
 13. Dive Training Magazine
 Free 6 month subscription to Dive Training Magazine.
 14. Knowledge Development Lecture
 Unlike some of our competitors, we actually take the time in each course to go over the material, especially the dive tables in the classroom!