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Continuing Education

Advanced Open Water

Dive Schedule:

Day One (Saturday)  Peak Buoyancy Dive 3:00pm, Navigation Dive  4:#0pm, Elective Night Dive 8:30pm

Day Two (Sunday) Required Deep Dive 10:00am, Elective Dive (Wreck Dive) 11:00am.

Course #       Dates                                   ____ Location     

    AOW16-4    Sat/Sun Sept 10th/11th      Circleville (Sat) Whitestar (Sun)


 Rescue Diver

Course #         Dates                                        Location             Time

2017 Schedule TBA



 Specialty Diver

Enriched Air Nitrox

 Dive Master

This course is scheduled on an individual basis.

Instructor Training


All IDC canidates must have E-Learning online completed!