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St Clair River Trip

 August 6/7,  2016

Lake Huron empties into the St Clair River about 5 hours north of Columbus (near Pt Huron, MI).

St. Clair River
The Underwater Connection has taken divers to see the incredible wrecks located in the river off of Pt Huron, Mi and Sarnia, Ontario for over twenty years! On the Canadian side in 55 feet of water lies the wreck of the Monarch, a tugboat which sank in 1934 about 200 feet from the riverbank.
St. Clair Diving


On the American side is the Wreck of theTremble and a wonderful drift dive with schools of freshwater fish and the wreck of a crane which fell off a barge. Water temperature in August is in the upper 60's (with no thermocline at depth! surface water river flow  from Lake Huron keeps the deep river water at the same temp as the shallow water).  Visibility can range from 20 to 50 feet.

ADVANCED OPEN WATER Certification required for trip!

Click here for video!

Schedule: Sat August 6th, 3:00pm dive on the Monarch.  5:00pm drift dive off Sarnia, Ontario side.

Sunday August 7th, 10:00am and noon drift dives on American side.

Cost:  $75.00 per dive includes tank and weights. Drift Diver certification available.

$25 deposit due by July 1.